Health Information Exchange


The CVCA Health Information Exchange (HIE) encompasses one of the most complete suites of services in the State of California.  Our current services include:

  -  Community, longitudinal CCD aggregation by patient
  -  CCD exchange between care providers under ONC Meaningful Use State 2 criteria
  -  NwHIN Gateway interoperability services for data exchange between EKCITA and other HIEs / HIOs
  -  NwHIN Standard DIRECT clinical messaging services (currently in beta test environment, November go-live)
  -  Automated, customizable clinical alerts for providers (currently in beta test environment, December go-live)
  -  Population health research analytic functionality
  -  Disease and condition registry tools, both acute and chronic
  -  HISP functionality
  -  Immunization and structured lab data forwarding under ONC Meaningful Use Stages 1 & 2 criteria
  -  An IHE-compliant ATNA audit server to track system and data access across the HIE network
  -  All under a robust community governance platform

Technical HIE Platform Workflow:

CVCA Network Diagram v5.png
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Example HIE Use Case:
(Full use case, with clinical and technical dialogue downloadable from our HIE Resources section)

California Connects Workflow v2 CVCA Version.png
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See It All For Yourself!

Take a look at our HIE Test Environment.  Use the following criteria to access the site...

Guest username:SiteGuest
Password: Guest#123!

Patient Finder (one demo patient available)
Name: Frances Seever
DOB: 12/31/1921

To request a guided demonstration, contact us to arrange an appointment.