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CVCA's technology backbone is rooted in OpenHRE, a Browsersoft, Inc. HIE data integration engine with primarily opensource components.  All of the above functionality is provided through two primary tools, PatientFinder and Pentaho, both OpenHRE sub-platforms.


CVCA utilizes opensource software to engage providers in HIE, quickly and cost-efficiently.  Having expertise with implementing governance, HIEs, EHRs, PHRs, and other HIT modalities; CVCA has a unique holistic view of community Health IT in action.  The current CVCA HIE deployment covers three primary service areas:

     -    patient clinical data including full CCD/CCR compatibility to ensure timely medical record access, accuracy, and completeness;
     -    analytical data aggregated for clinical process, system and business evaluation and improvement, helping both quality and efficiency;
     -    public health population data, de-identified and aggregated for analysis and testing in local and regional geographic areas.

Every HIE Is Different: Here is what we are doing in California with CVCA HIE: